Why do I serve?

Today, I’ve decided to explain a bit about what a mission is and why I chose to serve.

I have been called by a living prophet to serve God as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Which means I have volunteered to give 18 months of my life to Him in an area where he called me to go. I was born in California, but the area I am serving in is Chicago, Illinois and the surrounding area.

While on my mission, I devote all my time to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and serving the people in my area. It isn’t easy. People aren’t always nice. It’s easy to get discouraged and depressed. But I wouldn’t trade my time on my mission for anything in the world.

I have been out on my mission for about 5 months. In fact, it will be 5 months on Nov. 12th. I’ve come to love the people here. Truly love them. And I’ve found out more about myself than I have in the last 21 years on my life.

Growing up, I was teased throughout my school years and I never felt I did anything right. I had a extremely low self-esteem and very few friends. But even through all that, I knew I was important to Someone. Every Sunday at church, I was taught about how God loves each of us individually. In my hardest times, when I would wrongly tell myself that no one cared about me, I would stop myself and say “No. Heavenly Father loves me.” I know that even more today.

God is our loving Heavenly Father. He loves us no matter what. He knows us personally, every want and desire He knows. And He knows how to help us. He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to suffer our sorrows so He would know how to comfort us when we needed it. I have gained a burning testimony of just how much Heavenly Father loves me and others as I’ve served on my mission. I have seen how He reaches out in love to lift us up. I have learned to love myself more as I’ve forgotten about my problems and focused on others. As I teach them about His gospel I have seen a light and hope come into people’s lives that was dark and disheartened before.

I love seeing that. I love helping these people. And if I had my choice, I’d do it for the rest of my life.


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