Reach Up

Reach Up

Christ is always willing to lift us up when we fall. He will protect and guide you if you allow Him to be apart of your life. He suffered for you so you wouldn’t have to. The world would pressure you into unbelief, but He is ever waiting to help you if you turn to Him. Never be afraid to take His hand, because it is ever extended towards you, waiting for you to grab hold and stand firm.


One thought on “Reach Up

  1. miamaria101 says:

    I think we tend to have one of two limiting reactions to the idea of leaning on the Lord: either we feel “I can do this myself” (to admit weakness would be, well, weak), or we feel we SHOULD do it alone in order to pass the test and suffer appropriately.
    Like the man who simply had to wash in the river seven times to be healed, we sometimes deny ourselves the added strength of the Savior’s intervention and guidance because its so very available! A little faith and obedience, and its done! Where is the noble suffering or impressive demonstration of devotion in that?
    The simplicity of the Savior’s extended arm and invitation to follow Him, however, ultimately require of us the costly humility to accept interdependence with Him (our effort, His grace)- and the courage to reach out and try His path.

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