Nature in Relation to Christ

Nature in Relation to Christ

Winter: It’s bitter wind chills you and freezes your bones. The very thought of leaving your heated home and travelling through the cold is disparaging. So why does it happen? Why does the world need to freeze once a year?
Similarly, why is death apart of life? Why should good things come to an end?
Life is hard. It can be bitter as well. As bitter as the wind on a cold winter’s night. It is filled with sorrow and loss. But… we need not be so single minded about it.
In the winter, the world turns white. White like the pure soul that enters into God’s presence after the seasons of life are past and gone. But this is not the end, just as winter begats spring, so to does death through the Atonement of Jesus Christ begat new life in the resurrection. Believe in the Savior. He wishes and wants happiness and life for you. You accept only accept Him, love Him, and do as He would, then you shall have eternal life.


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