Snowflakes and Divinity

Snowflakes and Divinity

What do you see when you look at a snowflake?
I see an unique beauty. Each snowflake has a look all its own.
It’s true that no two snowflakes are ever alike. Each has a shape difference from the one falling next to it. This is true for us as well.
You are different from your mother and your brother, as well as your sister, father, cousin, aunt, uncle, grandparents, and friends. No one is exactly like another. Sure you may have similarities, but you are uniquely yours. Why?
Because God made you to be you and He loves you. Do not compare yourself to others. Do not change your morales or lower your standards to ‘fit in’ with the crowd. To do so it like bringing a snowflake into the heat. You meltaway who you are and become a water droplet, exactly like all others. Yes, you’ve achieved your goal, but you’ve lost much more in doing so.
Do not put yourself down, because you are different. Lift yourself up, because you are unique. You are God’s child, and He loves you. He will bring you through every storm, but you must first put yourself in His hands.


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