Happy Holidays!


This time of year is a special time for the Christian World. The birth of our beloved Savior swells our hearts and brings us great joy.
It brings ‘peace on Earth’ and ‘good will to men’ when we focus on Christ. So why is there so much enmity toward each other? Why do we fight?
The Religious and Secular Worlds compete so often. We are told to say “Happy Holidays!” as not to offended anyone. And why not?
After all, wasn’t the birth of the Christ child a ‘holy’ ‘day’. Don’t we sing “O Holy Night” and “Silent Night. Holy Night…”
Then why shouldn’t we say ‘Happy Holidays!’ For Christmas is just that. Additionally, New Year’s is about new beginnings. About changing for the better. In a word, Repentance. Which is what Christ taught us that we must do.
So the next time you say “Happy Holidays”, I hope you mean it. Remember that Christ was born so that He could be our perfect example and teach us to repent and become like Him.
Merry Christmas! I hope your day is full of gladness and remembrance.
Happy New Year! May we all become better and correct our mistakes and shortcomings.
Happy Holidays! May you remember why you celebrate and recommit yourself to follow Christ.


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