Dress for Your Success

Dress for Your Success

You wouldn’t wear boots to do ballet, it would hinder your ability to dance. Why would you reduce your ability to succeed in life, by dressing inappropriately?
You may not think that showing a little more skin will affect your success, but it does. When jobs are looking for people to hiring, they look for people who are confident. If you have to reveal more so you can be approved by the world, then how much will your confidence fall? The more you reveal, the less people respect you. It sounds funny, but it’s the truth. And the more you show, the less people try to get to know you, the real you.
Think of it this way. If you read the summary of a book, and it gives away the ending, how much are you going to want to read the book itself?
The world would have you think that dressing immodestly will get your more friends and you’ll be more popular. This may be true, but how deep are the friendships?
Quality is always better than quantity, as the saying go. If you respect yourself, then people will respect you and take an interest in you, because you are confident. When you are confident, you are dressed for success!


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