Setting Your Sights

Setting Your Sights

Every year around this time, people make New Year’s resolutions, but most don’t keep them. So… What’s the point in setting the goal in the first place?
I’ll tell you.
Goals are essentially hopes that want you to make actions. So if you don’t set goals, what does that tell you about your own thought concerning the future?
Even if you do not end up completely the desired goal, if you have hard your hardest and improved yourself even slightly. If you are doing a little bit better than before, than you are succeeding.
Success cannot be measured by comparing yourself to the world around you. Try as you might, there is probably always going to be someone better than you. But when you compare where you are at to where you were, that is when success is found. And that is all our Father in Heaven asks of us.
He knows how great we can be, and that is what He wants for us. He wants us to continually improving ourselves, little by little. And with His help, we can do it. As we a line our views to His, and set daily goals to improve ourselves, then we truly succeed.


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