So… What is a Mormon Temple? And why do we have them?

I once heard someone who thought they were castles, which I thought somewhat funny. But in a way, I suppose they are castles, because they are God’s house, and He is the King of the earth.

Having grown up in the church all my life, I was taught about the sacredness of the temple. Some wonder, and others are even offended at the idea that people are not of the Mormon faith are not allowed to go into the temple after it has been dedicated. Well, it isn’t because we are trying to be rude, and it isn’t because we have something to hide, because we truly don’t. But the work that is done in the temple is sacred.

You would not give a toddler a 24k diamond, because you know he would not understand how special it is. He would sooner flush it down the toilet than really take care of it. The same can be said of the sacredness of God’s holy temple.


In the temple, we make eternal promises with our Heavenly Father, and we receive blessings in the temple. It can’t be described what those blessings are, simply because it is difficult to explain in a way all would understand and appreciate. The understanding required comes only through the Spirit of God. When you are teachable and you have learned to recognize the voice of the Spirit, then you will be ready to enter into our Father’s house.

You can gain the ability to recognize the Spirit as you listen to the missionaries and as you make sacrifices, willing to submit to God’s will for you, by keeping His commandments. As you make promises with God through baptism, your heart will be open to hear His voice. Then and only then, will you be ready to come to the Temple and understand a portion of what it has to offer.

So in a sense, we invite all to come and enter into the temple, but only when they are truly spiritually prepared. There are many members of the Mormon Church who are not yet spiritually prepared, and until they are, they cannot enter the temple. I, myself, could not enter the temple until I was ready.

We invite all the come unto Christ, then partake of the blessings of the temple, but just as you would not place the average five year a college level class, each and every person must take the necessary steps to go to the temple.

As I had before, we receive blessings in the temple, not just for ourselves but for our ancestors as well. Through the temple, all generations of the Earth shall be blessed. We are married not just until ‘death do us part’, but for time and all eternity, and we are promised to be with our families forever.

Now I’ve heard some say that they believe that our temples are too ‘gody’. To that I say, well… why not?

It is the house of ‘God’, isn’t it? Shouldn’t we give Him the best? Just as He asks the best of each of us, shouldn’t we give our King the best we can offer? Ask yourself. Would you rather present your God with a castle or a small hut? If it is the best you can give, He will accept either with pleasure. But if you can build Him a castle, then why would you only give Him your meager effort?

I daily strive to give my very best to Him. I often fall short, but through His atoning sacrifice I am able to dust myself off and try again. I invite all who read these words to do the same. Build your life on the foundation that is Christ Jesus, and He will direct you for good. And when you enter into His holy temple, you will be ready to receive all He has promised you. 


Mormon Temples


One thought on “Mormon Temples

  1. Loralyn Hansen says:

    This is beautifully stated and well explained! I love the temple.

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