Free Yourself

Free Yourself

Too often we get tangled in the mess of life. And it happens so quickly and almost without notice.
Every choice we make will either bring us higher or pull us down lower. Sometimes, with our peers around us, it becomes difficult to know which choice will be for our good.
Often we make the wrong choice because it is the popular thing to do. Or perhaps we do these things because we are desperate and we need a quick fix, the easy cure. These bring us only momentary pleasure. Then when the fame is gone, those feelings of pleasure begin to fade and we find ourselves in a bind.
Ignoring the issue will only make the problem worse, but we are afraid to face the enviable slow healing process because it is painful and can even be heartbreaking to you or to others.
If we turn to the Savior, He will heal us and make us whole. He will free us of guilt and shame and lead us to what will ultimately bring us to true happiness.
Yes, it can and likely will be painful, but it is far better than feeling the fear, shame and guilt of breaking God’s commandments, and it will not last.
The Savior wants us to be happy. As we keep His commandments and repent when we do wrong, then we will be free to live life to the fullest and we will find true peace and happiness doing so.


One thought on “Free Yourself

  1. MSKeller says:

    I just posted something just like this. Great minds! . . . We make hundreds of choices every single day. I’m going to rethink mine and weigh them against this ideal. I have agenda’s (or a moral authority, or goals, or beliefs, or convictions, whatever the label) that uplift, inspire and motivate me. There there is the opposite that debases, conflicts and brings me turmoil and fear. I’m weighing in, and going with the “right”. . .

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