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I want to give you a challenge. Ready?

I am here challenging you, each of you, to drive into the Book of Mormon. If you have never read the scriptures, start today. If you have read them once or a thousand times, now’s an excellent opportunity to read it again. You will receive more insight and inspiration than you did before.

The second part of this challenge is that while you read, to highlight all the references to Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice. You will be surprised at the numerous times this wonderful book talks about them.

The challenge beginnings now, as soon as you are finished reading this post. It ends on the first weekend of October.

I testify that if you will challenge yourself to read the Book of Mormon, you will be happier and will find more peace and joy in your life. Storms may rage but you will remain firm. Of this I testify, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


I Caught a Glimpse of the Universe

I caught a glimpse of the Universe.

He was the One who showed it to me.

From where I stood, I saw from eternity to eternity.

I caught a glimpse of the Universe

It only lasted a second.

I felt in the love I had for the woman who felt abandoned.

I caught a glimpse of the Universe.

It was only there a moment.

I heard it as the doctor told of stars and the Son’s movement.

I caught a glimpse of the Universe.

It happened rather quickly.

I spoke it as I sang aloud, me and all God’s Amy.

I caught a glimpse of the Universe.

I felt it in my heart.

I heard it every day we spent months and months apart.

I saw it in the people.

I spoke it to them too.

I had it work I did, the work He gave me to do.

I caught a glimpse of God’s Universe.

He send me here to find it.

He pointed down which path to look,

And with His love He signed it.

-Sister Clorisa Hansen 7/11/14