The Gospel Will Lift Us

The Gospel Will Lift Us

Many think of the commandments given to men by God as restrictions. Rules that hinder our free will, but if we really look at them they do just the opposite.
Because I keep the commandments, I not addicted to harmful substances that destroy my health and shorten my life.
Because I keep the commandments, I am not in jail for stealing or murder. I can walk freely down the street, greeting police friendly and I am not afraid of them, but know they are there to protect me.
Because I keep the commandments, I have a good relationship with my parents and speak many things openly with them and trust their opinions and advice.
Because I keep the commandments, I am sexual pure and do not have to worry about STDs.
Because I keep the commandments, my friends know they can trust me and I have their respect.
Because I keep the commandments, I know that God is my loving Father in Heaven. He cares for me daily and loves me more than I imagine.
Because I keep the commandments, I am happy and know where I can turn for peace and comfort.
I love The Gospel of Jesus Christ! And I love His commandments!


Ask and you shall recieve

Ask and you shall recieve

God wants to bless us. He wants us to turn to him. But we must knee down and pray.
As we ask our Father in Heaven, having faith in Christ that He will answer, we will find peace and happiness in our lives that the world cannot offer or give. I love that I can ask Him anything and He will hear me.
Gods knows us personally and loves us without end. He is waiting to give us the answers, but first, we must seek them out. He may not give it to us immediately, but He will always give it. The answer may come in a way we didn’t except, that is why we must be constantly searching. As we pray, we will become closer to our Heavenly Father. And as we listen and wait patiently, we will become more like Him.

Remember the Meaning of Easter

I love Easter! And not because there’s chocolate. Though that is fun too.

I love the life of my Savior Jesus Christ and what he did for me and you so long ago. He loves us so much, and He gave his life so we could make ours better. There are so many things I have to be grateful to Him for. The list is too long to name, but I will say I am grateful for the chance to realize I have done wrong and to improve myself and make my life better than it ever could have been. 

I hope that at this time of year your thoughts are turned to the Savior, because it is because of Him, that all things are possible.

Below is a link to a video about what I have been speaking about. It gave me chills the first time I saw it. Take a look, and see what there is to be grateful for #BecauseofHim.



Eye to Eye

Eye to Eye

If you want to understand the ones you love, try closing your mouth and opening your ears. I’m not saying this to be rude or anything, but in order to show that you really truly care, the best method is listening to what they have to say.
That is what our Father in Heaven does with us. He allows us to pour out our souls to Him and He waits. Then when all that needs to be said is said, He answers our pleas for help.
We are here to learn to be like Him, so we should do the same. We should have patience and allow our troubled loved ones to speak their mind, then with love, we respond so that everyone to clearly understood and the help needed is granted.

Setting Your Sights

Setting Your Sights

Every year around this time, people make New Year’s resolutions, but most don’t keep them. So… What’s the point in setting the goal in the first place?
I’ll tell you.
Goals are essentially hopes that want you to make actions. So if you don’t set goals, what does that tell you about your own thought concerning the future?
Even if you do not end up completely the desired goal, if you have hard your hardest and improved yourself even slightly. If you are doing a little bit better than before, than you are succeeding.
Success cannot be measured by comparing yourself to the world around you. Try as you might, there is probably always going to be someone better than you. But when you compare where you are at to where you were, that is when success is found. And that is all our Father in Heaven asks of us.
He knows how great we can be, and that is what He wants for us. He wants us to continually improving ourselves, little by little. And with His help, we can do it. As we a line our views to His, and set daily goals to improve ourselves, then we truly succeed.

Change and Choices

Change and Choices

You control your actions, but sometimes, we wait until we are acted upon. We allow others to determine our fate, because we are either not willing to take command or we believe we are not worthy or ready.
Do not let your situation control you. Be the leader of your own life. Step up and take command. Your Heavenly Father loves you and will support you in any righteous act.
Love Him and yourself enough to use the agency He gave you to be better than your situation, no matter what it is. You can be happy, but you must choose to be.

Joys of the Journey

A young traveler once met a divide on a mountain side.

One road was current with the path he now tread.

The other seemed harder for in a higher plain did it abide.

But with a hopeful heart, the boy stepped up his stride.

At first, it seemed all was well,

But then he tripped and his courage fell.

His progression slowed as he stumbled along.

The hope he once had was now gone.

He needed to stop. He needed to rest.

But then he recall something that put his faith to the test.

It was the voice of his father and friend.

“Push on, my son. Look for joy on your way.

Don’t stop until you’re reached the end of the day.”

So again he started, his feet still sore.

But he would walk and climb ’til he couldn’t anymore.

As he continued his climb,

He couldn’t help but notice the beauty sublime.

When he stumbled, he would spot all the wild flowers.

As he sweat, he was grateful for the wind and its powers.

Finally, as the day began to close, the weary traveler reached the summit’s peak.

Down the trotted path he looked, o’er the vast valleys and streams.

Such was the beauty he beheld, such marvels as no tongue can speak.

Then upon his shoulder he felt a touch and looked

To see the father death had once took.

Tears brimmed and fell as each embraced.

“Well done, my son,” His father beamed. “Your reward is well earned.

You labored well and did much good.

Thank you for doing all you could.”