Ask and you shall recieve

Ask and you shall recieve

God wants to bless us. He wants us to turn to him. But we must knee down and pray.
As we ask our Father in Heaven, having faith in Christ that He will answer, we will find peace and happiness in our lives that the world cannot offer or give. I love that I can ask Him anything and He will hear me.
Gods knows us personally and loves us without end. He is waiting to give us the answers, but first, we must seek them out. He may not give it to us immediately, but He will always give it. The answer may come in a way we didn’t except, that is why we must be constantly searching. As we pray, we will become closer to our Heavenly Father. And as we listen and wait patiently, we will become more like Him.


Lift Your Thoughts

Lift Your Thoughts

This world of ours is full of things that can discourage you or make you think lesser of someone or something else. Don’t yield to those things. They are put in your path to make you stumble. If you rise above the things of this world and put your trust in Christ, no matter what your situation, nothing can conquer you. Christ atoned for us so that we could triumph over sin, pain, and death. Don’t let anything stand in your way from making you happy. God wants us to be happy, and if that be the case, then the only thing stopping you is you.

Worth it

Mormonad: Worth it

God sent us to this Earth to learn and grow. It isn’t an easy path. It may be discouraging at times but it is always well worth the reward we will recieve in the end. Never tell yourself ‘it’s too hard’ because it isn’t true. Nothing is impossible with God’s help. The Savior knew that taking upon Him our sins would be extremely difficult, but He endured for us because He loves each one of us. Have enough love for God and yourself to push through the hard times, because heaven’s blessings are waiting to be poured out upon you.